Margit Lykke Christensen

Margit Christensen Margit Lykke Christensen trained as a doctor, but also had singing lessons while she was training. Engaged by Copenhagen Royal Opera in 1992, she has since had a successful career as a soloist with numerous concerts in Scandinavia, Germany and France. Church music interests her most of all, especially the contemporary French repertoire.

Having discovered the works of Jean Langlais, she studied them with Marie-Louise Langlais, and she often sings the ‘Missa in simplicitate’ in concert, the high point of her recitals. In preparation for the centenary in 2007, she recorded a CD devoted wholly to Jean Langlais at the Jesuskirke in Copenhague, with Eva Ostergaard, flute, and Marie-Louise Langlais and Sylvie Mallet, organ.