Claude LanglaisClaude Langlais

Born on the 16th December (like Beethoven), given the christian name Claude (like Debussy), raised in the home of Jean Langlais where he lived until he was 20 plus, Claude Langlais seemed to be destined for a career in music.  After only two organ lessons with his father, he often deputised for him on the organ of Sainte Clotilde in Paris.  During a tour of the United States, he unexpectedly stood in for an organist who couldn’t master the organ part at the world premiere of Psalm 150 for organ, choir and brass at Boys Town (Nebraska), and as a result was given the freedom of this town of delinquents, something of which he is very proud!   But, having studied engineering, his professional life was taken up with waves, tides, rivers and ports.  Then in 1980 he settled down with his family in the Charente to set up a building business.  Feeling nostalgic for music, he began to take piano lessons again and from then on has given numerous concerts with his teacher and friend, Frédéric Ledroit.

On the occasion of this new edition of the festival in La Fontenelle, he has accepted the invitation to collaborate with Colin Spinks in a concert for piano and organ, as a tribute to his father, to thank Brenda and her team for their hard work and to remember the holidays he spent here with his grandmother.