Vokalensemble Pandora

Vokalensemble PandoraVokalensemble Pandora is an exciting new “a cappella” eight-voice group from Copenhagen, Denmark.  Its members trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, the State Music Academy Stuttgart, the Copenhagen Boys’ Choir, Roskilde School of Sacred Music and privately with John Guttman, Sten Byriel, Anne Rosing-Schouw and Charles Brett.

They have sung in some of Denmark and Europe’s leading chamber choirs, performing in prominent concert venues in Copenhagen, singing for the Danish Queen and going on concert tours worldwide with Kammerkoret Camerata, Tivolis Koncertkor, Copenhagen Boys’ Choir, Kammerchor Stuttgart and the New London Chamber Choir.

All of the singers are professional musicians.  Some are solo singers who give recitals in Denmark and Europe and have new pieces composed for them. Others are organists and choral conductors working in the church or in the theatre as dramatists and music researchers.

Vokalensemble Pandora was founded by the singers themselves so that they could develop their musical tastes within a small choral ensemble.  They take their name from Pandora, one of the many female goddesses in Greek mythology.  Today, Pandora’s notorious box has become part of our culture.  We wish to open it again and again to see what will come out of it.  What will be evil and what will be good?  What will be the essence of Pandora’s gifts?

Vokalensemble Pandora will be touring in Denmark and Brittany during the summer of 2011.  They will sing a varied programme of European and Scandinavian “a cappella” music of the 16th century through to the present day, which will explore the paradoxes of pain and beauty.